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With the end of the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League and the first round of the Chinese Super League and the Football Association Cup, the head coach Li Tie has officially delineated the latest training list of the national football team, including naturalized players Jiang Guangtai, Fernando and Dalian full-back Tong Lei, Luneng striker Guo Tianyu and other newcomers, as well as returning goalkeeper Zeng Cheng, forward Zhang Yuning, a total of 28 players were selected. Although the second half of the top 40 competition will start in March next year at the earliest, it is clear that Li Tie cherishes the short training he "squeezed" out of this period. He hopes to polish a set that will meet the world preliminaries 40 and even 12 Strong formation required for strong competition.


   It is understood that as early as the end of the first stage of the league, Li Tie had already selected the shortlist. However, in view of the tight schedule of the Chinese Super League this season, it is inevitable that there will be new player injuries in each game related to the second stage of the competition and the rankings. Therefore, for the sake of safety, the list will not be until the end of the first stage of the league. , Was officially launched.

据了解,早在联赛第一阶段结束时,李铁就已经入围了入围名单。然而,鉴于本赛季中国超级联赛的赛程紧张,每场比赛不可避免地会有新的球员受伤,这与比赛的第二阶段和排名有关。因此,为了安全起见,该名单要等到联赛第一阶段结束时才能进行。 ,已正式启动。

Compared with the first three training sessions of this year, Li Tie has made certain adjustments to the personnel participating in this training session. This is because in this extraordinary Super League season, due to differences in preparation and physical conditions, players have Show different states in. Some of the newcomers have withstood the test in the compact Chinese Super League and also impressed the national football coaching staff headed by Li Tie.


   21-year-old high center forward Guo Tianyu is another newcomer selected. Although the talented Luneng team can get a certain amount of playing time, which is not easy for a local young player, Guo Tianyu still handed over 13 appearances and 2 starts in the first stage of the Chinese Super League that just ended. Good data for 2 goals.

21岁的高中锋前锋郭天宇是另一位入选新人。尽管才华横溢的鲁能队可以获得一定的比赛时间,这对于当地的年轻球员来说并不容易,但郭天宇仍然在刚刚结束的中国超级联赛的第一阶段交出了13场比赛和2场比赛的开局。 2个目标的好数据。

In fact, this national football training camp is worthy of attention, and there is another important reason, that is, as FIFA passed on September 18th the amendments on player changes in membership and international qualification requirements, there are more naturalized players or candidates. Naturalized players are expected to be eligible to represent the Chinese team. In addition, some Chinese Super League club players who have completed the naturalization procedures are also waiting for the national football call. So, what choice did Li Tie make in the end?


   Judging from the roster information, there will be 4 naturalized players participating in this Shanghai training camp. In addition to the old faces Exon and Li Ke, the central defender Jiang Guangtai from Guangzhou Evergrande and the fast-paced Fernando from the attack line were selected for the first time. The highlight performance of the two in the league is obvious to all, and they are expected to contribute to the national football's defense and offensive ends.

根据花名册信息,将有4名入籍选手参加此上海训练营。除了Exon和Li Ke的老面孔外,广州恒大的中央后卫姜光泰和进攻线的快节奏的Fernando也是首次被选中。两者在联盟中的突出表现对所有人来说都是显而易见的,并且有望为国家足球的防守和进攻做出贡献im体育。

   However, Alan, another naturalized player who had a high demand for selection before, was not selected.


   Judging from the roster, Li Tie pays special attention to the stability of the team's organization while paying attention to the competitive state of the players in the league. In addition to personal ability, the player's experience is also an important basis for Li Tie's draft. For example, the 33-year-old Shenhua goalkeeper Zeng Cheng regained his national team call by virtue of his stable performance in this year's league. Although at present, SIPG goalkeeper Yan Junling is still the best choice for the main goalkeeper of the Qatar World Cup, but for the teams that have been impacting the competition, the reserves of each front and even each specific position must be abundant. Li Tie has repeatedly emphasized in previous training sessions that he will find about 3 suitable candidates for each position. So specific to the goalkeeper position, in addition to Yan Junling, the team also needs a reassuring candidate goalkeeper. Zeng Cheng, who accumulated rich experience in international competitions and helped Evergrande win the title of the Chinese Super League and the AFC Champions League during Lippi's coaching era, undoubtedly deserves Li Tie's trust.


   The former Olympic team's main center Zhang Yuning from Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club was also selected for the first time under Li Tie's national football team. Zhang Yuning can be described as the "young old player" of the national football team. Prior to this, he was injured or affected by factors such as the National Olympics team. However, for his personal ability and attitude, whether it is the former National Football coach Lippi, the former National Olympic team executive coach Hao Wei, or the current National Football coach Li Tie, they are fully recognized. In addition to comprehensive shooting skills, Zhang Yuning's running support ability in the frontcourt is also very prominent among local players of the same type. For example, in the 14th round of the Super League, he dedicated 2 assists.


   In addition to the above-mentioned newcomers and returning veterans, the vast majority of players selected for the current national football training squad are old faces who have participated in the previous three training sessions. For example, captain Hao Junmin, veteran Dabao, midfielder Wu Xi, and left guard Jiang Zhipeng. According to the plan, the national football team will begin to concentrate in Shanghai on October 4, and then end the training session on the 9th.


   A list of 28 national football players is attached:


AI Kesen, Zhang Linpeng, Liu Dianzuo, Wei Shihao, Fernando, Jiang Guangtai, Yu Dabao, Chi Zhongguo, Li Lei, Li Ke, Zhang Yuning, Yan Junling, Wang shenchao, Wu Xi, Li Ang, Hao Junmin, Liu Binbin, Jin Jingdao, Guo Tianyu, tomorrow, Liu Yun, Dong Xuesheng, Dong Chunyu, Tong Lei, Tang Miao, Zeng Cheng, Zhu chenjie, Jiang Zhipeng

AI Kesen, Zhang Linpeng, Liu Dianzuo, Wei Shihao, Fernando, Jiang Guangtai, Yu Dabao, Chi Zhongguo, Li Lei, Li Ke, Zhang Yuning, Yan Junling, Wang shenchao, Wu Xi, Li Ang, Hao Junmin, Liu Binbin, Jin Jingdao, Guo Tianyu, tomorrow, Liu Yun, Dong Xuesheng, Dong Chunyu, Tong Lei, Tang Miao, Zeng Cheng, Zhu chenjie, Jiang Zhipeng

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