On the evening of September 29, Beijing time, the Review Department of the "People's Daily" published an article "Physical fitness needs to be strengthened, but physical testing should not be a barrier to the competition", commenting on recent physical testing controversies caused by various sports.


It is gratifying for the athletes to set a new record in the preliminaries, but recently, this kind of surprise has changed a bit in the swimming pool. The competition rules of the National Swimming Championships that are being held in Qingdao stipulate that the top 16 athletes in the preliminaries must be ranked according to their physical fitness scores, and only the top 8 athletes in physical fitness can enter the final. As a result, Wang Jian Jiahe, who broke the Asian record for women's 1500m freestyle in the preliminary round, and Yu Hexin, who broke the national record for men's 50m freestyle, failed to go further. One stone stirred up a thousand waves, attracting attention and heated discussions from all parties.


For athletes, solid physical fitness is a prerequisite to ensure technical performance. In the Olympics, World Championships and other major competitions, intensive schedules and multi-shot competitions will cause huge physical energy consumption for athletes. If there is no sufficient physical reserve, it is easy to lose strength in the back course, deform in the final moments, and lose competition with top players. force. At the 2018 Hangzhou World Swimming Championships and the Gwangju World Swimming Championships last year, some Chinese athletes suffered from insufficient physical fitness in the second half of the race. They even felt strong after being out of the water, making it difficult to balance multiple events. Therefore, it is unquestionable to attach importance to physical fitness and strengthen physical fitness.


It should also be noted that there are obvious differences between different projects, with different specific physical requirements. It is understood that what the State Sports General Administration emphasizes is the lower "basic physical fitness." In a national team’s physical fitness test scoring standard released in February this year, it covered 10 items including BMI (body mass index), sitting forward bending, vertical jump, and 3000-meter running. The main basis for physical fitness tests in badminton and gymnastics.


From the perspective of strengthening physical fitness, it is imperative to promote weaker projects to make breakthroughs in projects that have been stagnant for many years. The improvement of basic physical fitness is also imperative. However, the physical fitness test results are linked to the promotion of the competition, and even some events are not better than the special events in the quarter-finals, which only compares the physical fitness, which also makes many sports fans call "cannot understand the competition." Take the National Swimming Championships as an example. If the athletes have the mentality of only swimming by one shot, they may be able to create results in the preliminary rounds, but they cannot detect the ability to fight continuously and cannot play the role of a simulation competition. The "side effects" brought about by this kind of game leverage cannot be ignored.


To speed up the building of a sports power, it is necessary to update sports concepts with the courage and wisdom of reform and innovation, learn from the beneficial experience of foreign countries, and inject new vitality and impetus into the development of sports in my country. The original intention of strengthening physical fitness is positively targeted, but the problems exposed at the specific operational level need to be treated with caution. How to ensure that the selection of physical fitness test items and the evaluation system are scientific and effective; how to make athletes and coaches' understanding of physical fitness run through the daily links of training requires the competent sports department and relevant experts to provide authoritative answers based on scientific argumentation To respond to public concerns.

为了加快体育强国的建设,必须以改革创新的勇气和智慧来更新体育观念,借鉴国外的有益经验,为我国体育发展注入新的活力和动力。 。加强身体健康的初衷是积极的目标,但是在特定操作级别暴露的问题需要谨慎对待。如何保证身体健康检测项目的选择和评价体系科学有效;如何通过训练的日常环节使运动员和教练了解身体健康,需要主管体育部门和有关专家根据科学论据提供权威性答案,以回应公众的关注。

At the same time, in the actual implementation process, how to strictly enforce standards and ensure fairness and justice also requires strengthening organizational management. The road to reform will inevitably have challenges of this kind. In the face of new problems in reform, timely research and judgment, scientific responses, and seeking truth from facts are needed to achieve stability and long-term progress.


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